Making Progress in Learning


Most students entering out primary department come mainly from our kindergarten. All students commence their Grade 1 year in September. The primary curriculum takes account of previous learning experiences and individual rates of development. Students study Arabic, Islamic Studies, UAE history, English, Math, Science, Social Studies IT, French, Music, Art, Physical Education and Games. All subjects are taught with appropriate levels of differentiation and extension. At the start of the primary phase students will study these subjects through topics and themes. In Grades 5 and 6 there will be specialist subject teaching for a number of subjects.

Extra Curricular Activities

The curriculum is designed to be accessed by all children who attend the school. If we think it necessary to modify some children's access to the curriculum, in order to meet their needs, then we do this only after their parents have been consulted.

The school provides an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for each of the children who has special educational needs. This sets out the nature of the special need, and outlines how the school will aim to address it. The IEP also sets out targets for improvement, so that we can review and monitor the progress of each child at regular intervals.

Additionally, the school identifies students who are gifted and talented and ensures that each child has an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) which is regularly monitored and reviewed.