Why Liwa?

  • An international school that provides a world class education for girls in the garden city of Al Ain
  • One of a small number of all girls’ international schools in the UAE
  • Combining international standards with local values and traditions
  • A beautiful learning environment with access to state of the art technology
  • Specialist facilities that support learning through technology and the arts and help promote student leadership
  • A comprehensive range of extra-curricular sports, community and arts activities
  • An outstanding international team of world class, inspirational leaders and teachers
  • Strong partnerships with parents and the local community
  • An education that focuses on the whole student, meeting academic, social and emotional needs
  • International partnerships with other schools

How to Apply?

Liwa International School for Girls is open to students of all nationalities, who are able to access a well-rounded education offer in English as the language of instruction.

Terms and conditions

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Tuition Fee

GradesTuitionUniformTotal FeesRegistration Fees 5 %1st Installment Aug 01 – 302nd Installment Dec 01- 103rd Installment Feb 01 – 11
Grade 135,800,0075036,550.001,790.0012,564.0011,814.0010,382.00
Grade 235,800,0075036,550.001,790.0012,564.0011,814.0010,382.00
Grade 335,800,0080036,600.001,790.0012,614.0011,814.0010,382.00
Grade 435,800,0080036,600.001,790.0012,614.0011,814.0010,382.00
Grade 535,800,0085036,650.001,790.0012,664.0011,814.0010,382.00
Grade 639,000.0085039,850.001,950.0013,720.0012,870.0011,310.00
Grade 739,000.0085039,850.001,950.0013,720.0012,870.0011,310.00
Grade 839,000.0085039,850.001,950.0013,720.0012,870.0011,310.00
Grade 941,850.0085042,700.002,092.5014,660.5013,810.5012,136.50
Grade 1041,850.0085042,700.002,092.5014,660.5013,810.5012,136.50
Grade 1141,850.0085042,700.002,092.5014,660.5013,810.5012,136.50
Grade 1241,850.0085042,700.002,092.5014,660.5013,810.5012,136.50

Our admissions philosophy is by nature inclusive, but contained by boundaries set by their ability to access the curriculum in English and the school’s ability to support students who have learning difficulties or special educational needs.

Liwa International School for Girls provides a high quality, creative and challenging international education, based on the American Curriculum Philosophy. We foster within each student, staff member and community member an enduring passion for learning and empowering each individual to become a caring global citizen.

At Liwa International School for Girls
we are looking for students:

  • Who are, and whose parents are, committed to the school vision, mission and philosophy
  • Who are motivated/determined
  • Whose conduct is positive overall, and who are respectful to others
  • Who are internationally-minded
  • Whose qualities would enrich our learning community