For Parents

Here at LISG, parents play a key role in supporting their child’s learning. We run weekly parent engagement programs for all stages of the school to ensure our parents are equipped with strategies to support their children at home. Parent-teacher meetings are also important for teachers to update parents on any concerns, termly targets and areas for improvement.

We believe that parents are key partners for us in creating an outstanding school. We welcome all parents and we value the contributions that you make in efforts to provide the best educational experience for your daughters.


Extracurricular Activities

Here at Liwa, we are dedicated to developing the students as a whole ready for life outside of school. In addition to our in curriculum academic program, we offer an extensive program of extracurricular activities in order to develop the student as a whole.

Program Design and Purpose

The purpose of the extracurricular program is aid development of the Liwa Core Competencies including leadership, communication, creativity, problem solving, teamwork and digital literacy skills. The carefully designed program at our school ensures that students are able to develop a range of skills throughout their school life, equipped for life, once they graduate from Liwa.

We offer a wide variety of activities each term that fit into the following categories: Sport and Exercise, Arts, Activities and Clubs

Sports is a great way in which students develop Core Competency Skills within our extracurricular program. We have activities for both recreation sport and skill development as well as our elite performance programs in which students are preparing for external competitions. Students are also able to unlock their creative minds within our ‘Art’ clubs. Students get the opportunity to work both individually and collaboratively.

Arts and Crafts

Students are able to unlock their creative minds within our ‘Art’ clubs. Students get the opportunity to work both individually and collaboratively.

Arts and Crafts

Our extensive range of activity clubs are very popular and give the opportunity to:

  • A range of Core Competency Skills
  • Develop new and existing friendships
  • Experience learning a new skills
  • Trying a new activity not available during curriculum time

Elementary, Middle and High School Activities

Whole school activities take place from 2:45pm – 3:30pm. With over 25 activities taking place during the week, more than half of the school population take part in the extracurricular program.


Parent Portal


Parents use the PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals to view grades, attendance information, graduation progress, school bulletins, fee balances, and more. Using the PowerSchool Parent Portal, parents can access real-time information about their students’ progress. For support, please contact IT Support at

Login to PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals


Class Dojo

To ensure that the school community stays connected, inside and outside the classroom, the leadership team and teachers use Class Dojo to keep parents updated on student progress and classroom and school happenings. Through Class Dojo, parents can see the class story and school story, feedback, and their child’s portfolio of activities.

Class Dojo can be accessed at and through the Class Dojo App, which can be found on both Apple App Store and Google Play. For support, please contact IT Support at

How to Communicate

Dear Parents

For further inquiries please contact the respective person in charge. Parents are requested to leave their personal contact details so that we can get in touch with them.

For general inquiries please contact 037800444

General Administration
Hanaa Al Saadi Acting Deputy Principal
Naaz Ahmed Vice Principal
Megha Kapoor Sunil Kapoor Vice Principal
Haya Nagi Activity Coordinator
Haneen Abdulqader Head of Admin
Fatema Ali Registrar
Avegail Amper Nurse
Sara Mohammed Aldous Health And Safety Officer
Aysha Taeib Humaid Saif Alkaabi Social Worker
Emely Abatayo Oler It Manager
Taqi Abdul Azeez Abdul Gani Accountant


Calendar from ADEK

School Uniform

The school uniform is included in LISG as standard and can be ordered from our supplier Uniform Mart.

Parents' Council

What a parent does at home has the greatest impact.

We are committed to working with parents as partners for their child’s education and engaging with them in a range of ways. We have therefore created a Parents Council as a means by which we can do this. The Parent Council is defined as the ‘Parents’ Voice’ in matters concerning the interests and well-being of our children.

The Parents Council aims to:

  • Deepen the relationship of trust between parents and the school
  • Represent the interests and voice of the parents at the school level and with the Board of Trustees
  • Be a sounding board for management on new initiatives and strategy
  • Support the school with its aim of becoming an outstanding school


LISG provides supervised transportation in air-conditioned buses. It is possible to book for one way transportation only, bearing in mind that the transport fees are fixed (i.e., the same) irrespective of whether the student uses the bus one way or two ways. Charges may be obtained from the school accountant.

Transportation is available within Al Ain only “Bus coverage areas are determined based on the school's geographical distribution and the integrated transport center's instructions”

*Transportation fees START from 3,100AED

Co-curricular calendar

LISG provides a comprehensive range of extra-curricular activities to support authentic, engaging, and interdisciplinary student learning experiences. Clubs are designed to cultivate personal and social curiosity and confidence while promoting life-long health awareness. Specific extra-curricular activities such as creative arts, puzzle solving, Zumba, textile, cooking, and a lot more are offered school-wide.

Student Welfare

“We offer a framework of opportunities and support that meets each student’s unique needs, built on a foundation of core values.”

Pupil Voice

Engaging pupils in the life of the school through decision-making, supporting activities or helping each other brings significant benefits. Children bring passion, energy and new perspectives to our work. It is for this reason that we have set up a Student Council. Each year group from Grade 5 upwards has two elected representatives on the Council. An election takes place each year for the Council and students participate in decision making about the learning environment, staffing and behavior.

Student Welfare

Liwa International School for Girls puts the welfare and happiness of all its pupils at the heart of everything we do. We have created a safe and loving environment for our students so that they can learn and develop socially and emotionally. In addition we have created a number of policies that underpin our work including child protection and safeguarding policies. We also have a full time social worker.

Student Health

We have a fully equipped clinic with medical facilities on our campus with a full-time qualified nurse. She is available for all basic medical matters including vaccinations, first aid and administering medication to students. Our nurse is a key member of staff.

School Clubs

It is important to us that all of our students have the opportunity to develop with not just the academics, but also the creative and enrichment elements of education. That is why we provide a wide range of additional activities for students.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Academic Clubs Enrichment Clubs
Grade 1-3
English Reading & Writing Creative Arts
Mental Math Solving Puzzles
Arabic Reading & Writing Zumba
Quran Memorization Teambuilding Game
National Identity
Grade 4-5
English Drama Creative Arts
English Reading & Writing STEM
Mental Math Handball
Arabic Reading & Writing Textile Club
Quran Memorization Music/Choir Club
National Identity
Grade 6-12
English Reading & Creative Writing Club Creative Arts
Mental Math Science Experiments
Quran Memorization Cooking Club
National Identity Robotics - Programming
Eco Club

Reward System

We believe that rewards can drive intrinsic motivation and a healthy competitive spirit among students.

Below are some of the most innovative methods to drive motivation:

  • Appreciation certificates, trophies and awards for distinguished students
  • Recreational trips
  • Programs aimed to prepare students before their internal and external examinations
  • Recreational programs
  • Educational trips to scientific museums, universities, and art galleries
  • Trips to career fairs, art fairs, social, and cultural fairs
  • Providing students with leadership and ownership opportunities to encourage them to make an instrumental change in their learning environment and the school community
  • Exploiting authentic experiences of learning where students are encouraged to explore, experiment, and reflect on their own learning
  • Running an advisory program that caters to students’ academic progress, social awareness and sense of belonging to the school community
  • Establishing a well-being environment through the regular PACE (Personality and Community Education) lessons that foster students’ social, emotional, and personal well-being

These methods further boost student morale with special mentions in school newsletters, online editorials, school blogs/podcasts, or local newspapers.

Environment, Health & Safety

Apart from creating a robust, dynamic environment filled with knowledge and activities, we also prioritize health and awareness for various medical issues.

Since its inception, LISG’s goal has been facilitating medical care and attention to staff members, faculty and students.

To fulfill this objective, we have collaborated with various medical hospitals and enterprises to provide appropriate medical staff, and instruments such as vaccinations, bandages, medical kits, etc., to eliminate all inhibitions.

Our health services include:

  • An experienced emergency nurse
  • A school clinic whereby doctors are available full-time
  • Workshops organized by the Ministry of Health for doctors and nurses to polish their skills and stay up to date about current diseases, viruses, and preventive measures against them
  • Cabinets with non-prescription medicines along with tri-annual medicine inventory
  • Annual medical supplies authorized by the Ministry of Health
  • First-aid equipment
  • Adequate transportation for sick/injured individuals accompanied by the school doctor or nurse
  • Orientation and training on first aid at the beginning and end of the academic year
  • Teachers and Staff have a first-aid certificate.
  • An updated emergency procedure manual with written instructions for drills, evacuation maps, and safety rules about school facilities
  • Annual medical examinations with a precise medical record stating the student’s health problems and growth map

Liwa reserves the right to permit or deny access to anyone other than the staff, students, and parents within the school premises.

Counseling and Development 

The school has developed a Counseling & Development Program that supports teaching and learning by ensuring that all students achieve academic success and develop life skills through acquiring academic, career, and personal/social competencies. This program prepares them for university/college level study and, eventually, meaningful participation in a diverse, changing world. Moreover, the school provides seminars and trips to career fairs and universities to acquaint students with career opportunities so that they can choose the type of higher education they choose to pursue.

Liwa International School for Girls has developed a system of processes to communicate the policies and strategies related to guidance and resources services to meet student needs. Proper access to such information is ensured through different means

The Role of Teachers in Promoting Care and Guidance:

(a) Promote students’ personal, social, academic, and career development through implementing personal growth education and related guidance activities.

(b) Enhance the earning abilities of students through promoting various study strategies and activities.

(c) Advise on the areas of personal, social, academic, and career development of students through participation in cross-curricular planning.

Student Council

The Student Council is a significant part of the student welfare program as it represents the interests of the students in a collective form. A staff advisor conducts weekly, monthly, and annual meetings to discuss the same. The elective process takes place from grades 5 to 12, where all students participate in electing representatives from their classes.

Some of the major objectives of the Student Council representatives are:
  • Organizing school events
  • Act as mediators between students and administration
  • Participate and engage others in major community service projects
  • Ensure a fair and coherent representation of student requirements and issues
  • Conduct meetings to elaborate on how the school campus and environment can be improved
  • Suggesting quality outreach programs such as industrial visits, special needs centers, charity activities, or community-wide awareness campaigns
Our Student Council has been part of many events and activities, such as:
    • Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
    • “Call From Space” With the Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi
    • Flag Day
    • International women’s day
    • National day
    • UAE environment day

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