A warm welcome to all parents

We believe that parents are key partners for us in creating an outstanding school. We welcome all parents and we value the contributions that you make in efforts to provide the best educational experience for your daughters.

Parents Council

We are committed to working with parents as partners for their child’s education and engage with them in a range of ways. We have therefore created a Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) as a means by which we can do this. The PAC is defined as the ‘Parents’ Voice’ in matters concerning the interests and wellbeing of our children.

The committee includes volunteer parents and LISG staff. The aims and objectives of the PAC are to support school level decision making and encourage the involvement of other parents through school community activities, voluntary work and parents open evenings. We are grateful that parents are willing to donate their time and talents in this way.


You may find more details about our Parents Advisory Committee in the files below:

Parents Council Info (English)

Parents Council Info (Arabic)

Communication with Parents

At LISG, we hold termly parent-teachers meeting where parents are welcome to speak to our staff openly. Since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic, we have shifted our parent-teacher meetings online. We also emphasize a two way communication where parents are welcome to add their suggestions and feedback through casual coffee mornings with the SLT and through surveys.



We offer workshops and seminars for parents about topics that range from education to wellness and health. We regularly upload our workshops onto our Parents Portal.