School Campus & Facilities at LISG

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Support facilities:

LISG provides its students and staff members with many facilities that support
innovative teaching and learning:

  • library


    The school library contains more than 8,000 books for Guided Reading, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Teacher Resources and Reference books both in English and Arabic. It is a beautifully designed room with a skylight for students to enjoy reading in natural sunlight.

  • science-laboratories


    We have three laboratories available in our school for each aspect of Science; Physics, Biology, Chemistry. Each is laboratory is fitted with a preparation room and all contains all the materials and resources to run a practical and interactive science curriculum.

  • cafeteria


    The school strictly follows the Ministry of Health’s requirements with regard to the food offered in the school canteens. The quality of food is constantly improved in a way as to give the students more choices of a variety of healthy food that is balanced in terms of nutritional value

  • music-room-2


    The music room is a large room to allow ample space for students to learn music and movement. It is an extremely well-resourced room and students learn how to use musical notation, percussion, woodwind instruments, string instruments and piano skills both as part of the curriculum and also through extra-curricular activities. 


  • design-and-technology


    The design and technology lab is designed for innovation and collaboration. The Lego resources fill the room and allow the opportunity for students to create and design a wide range of devices that they can program with their individual tablets.

  • art-room


    The Art room offers a variety of different media to support building creative design skills with our students. The children are encouraged to express their ideas and experiment with different textures, materials and artist styles.

  • prayer-room


    Our Prayer room has been designed as a quiet, comfortable space with plush carpet for students to pray and read Qur’an. There is a large ablution area and during prayer times students are taken with a supervising adult to the area to begin their worship.

  • playground


    We have two large play areas for Kindergarten and Grades 1-4 fully equipped with climbing apparatus, slides and swings to help develop gross motor skills and strength. The playground flooring has been covered in rubber for the safety of the children.

  • food-technology


    Food Technology is an aspect of our Design and Technology curriculum. The students learn about safety, hygiene and healthy food as well as participating in practical lessons where they get to plan, prepare and cook meals.