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School Policies

At Liwa International School for Girls our day to day work and practice is covered by policies. These are designed to secure consistency across the school and provide relevant information to all stakeholders, in particular parents and teachers.

The school is required by law and ADEK guidance to develop and implement certain policies covering such areas as safeguarding children’s welfare, health and safety, special educational needs etc. These policies are reviewed regularly and are all agreed and ratified by the Board.

School Profile

ADEK Approved Calendar

Internal School Calendar

Child Protection Policy

Tuition Fees Policy

Curriculum Approval Policy (Graduation Requirements)

Student Admission Policy

Student Transfer Policy (Promotion & Retention)

Attendance Policy

Parent Involvement Policy

Health Policy (OSH)

Special Education Policy

Homework Policy

Assessment Framework Policy

Rewards and Sanctions Policy

School Uniform Policy

School Bus Policy

E-Safety Policy

E-Safety Policy - Arabic

Cyber Bullying Policy

Cyber Bullying Policy - Arabic

E-Learning and Device Policy

E-Learning and Device Policy -Arabic

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Data Protection and Privacy Policy - Arabic

Policy for Managing Digital Content

Policy for Managing Digital Content - Arabic

Acceptable Use Policy for Staff

Acceptable Use Policy for Staff - Arabic

ICT School Policies

LISG School Policies and Agreements

LISG Chromebook and Ipad Policy and Agreement

LISG School Email Policy

Earthquake Classroom Repsonse Plan

Emergency Response Plan

Traffic Management Plan

Traffic Management Plan

School Email Policy

Recruitment Policy